This bathroom makes us want to bathe, shower & just sit on the floor for a very long time. It's sooooooo beautiful! ...

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LAUNDRY ROOM SINK - must have, would be nice or don’t need?


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We had a helper while unloading doors this morning! Drake stopped by to lend a hand before (pre)school! ...

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What's your favorite part of this view?

1️⃣ Cabinet/countertop combination
2️⃣Apron front sink
3️⃣ Stained open shelving
4️⃣ ____________________________ Fill in the blank & drop your answer in the comments!

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We will never forget. A day that broke our hearts, stopped time, and rocked our world. If we take one thing from the tragic events of September 11th, let it be the unification of our nation on September 12th.

God Bless the USA!

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Dreams DO come true. ...

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If only they made black toilet paper. That's all that's missing. 😂

This bathroom is SEXY. Agree?

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Texture on texture. We're here for it. ...

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Check out this design-build we were able to do for our friends at Casey State Bank in Mattoon! Visit them at their new location at 2400 Samsa Drive, Mattoon, IL.

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Any guesses as to what this room is used for?

➡️It's in a basement.
➡️It's a very long room.
➡️That is not drywall.

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Did you know that Drake Homes specializes in commercial construction, steel building & agriculture metal buildings? YES WE DO!

Give us a call! 217-345-6302

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