Summertime fun is ON THE WAY!! Although this post isn’t just about fun in the sun, it got me thinking about some of my favorite things!!

Let’s have a little fun on this Saturday morning and hear what your choices would be!??

I’ll start:

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The combination of textures and tones is this room is AMAZING!!

We see and do a lot of painted ship lap (which we love just as much as the next person!) but this stained shiplap wall was the PERFECT addition to this boys room we designed!!

And don’t ever be afraid of a darker paint color! Check out how much this painted white trim POPS off of these walls!! 🤤

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Used in the right spaces barn doors can be a SUPER fun detail to add to your home!!

But we know they aren’t for everyone’s taste!!

Love them or Leave them!! Let’s take a vote!

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DROOLING over this photo!! There is just something about beautiful design coming together! ❤️ ...

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Paint colors can sometimes be overwhelming for clients!! BUT that is exactly what we are here for!

Our process of selecting your interior flooring, cabinets, countertops, etc creates the pallet for your home which in turn gives our designers the perfect base to guide you in the right direction for your paint selection!!

We hold your hand the entire way right down to the very last detail!! And WE LOVE being able to do so!

We would love to chat with you if you are even considering building!! Let our knowledge and experience guide you in the right direction!!

Give us a call anytime or even shoot us a message on Facebook! We are here to help!!

TIP: Light French Gray is just ONE of our designers all time favorite color!

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Stairways - CARPET or HARD SURFACE!?

We have this discussion all the time!! And every client has a preference!

What’s yours??

Carpet? OR Hard Surface?
👇🏻Drop a comment below and give us your vote!!!

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TBT to this beautiful space!! There is just something about this photo that fills my heart!!

We are nearing the end of this project now and getting ready to turn this home over to this wonderful client!!

The finished product is AMAZING!

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Do you prefer the 2” x 2” mosaic tile or the 1” x 1” mosaic tile!??

We are using this beautiful black statement tile in an AWESOME custom tile shower!!

Let us know your preference!

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A VERY PRODUCTIVE MORNING in our interior room today!!

Interior selections, plan details, ALL THE THINGS! 😍

A little messy just means we had A TON of fun with our clients creating their dream home!!

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This fun entryway welcomes us into this cozy great room!!

A stunning corner fireplace will be the FOCAL point of this space and will be gathered around for years to come!!

Location: Robinson, IL

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Paint selections mean we have wrapped up ALL selections on another home!! 😍

We can’t wait to see this beautiful color palette come to life!

Watch out for updates!!

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Two in a Row!! Literally!! 😍

It’s always fun when we have homes going up near each other, so it’s SUPER exciting when they are right next door!!

AND we also have one 1/2 a block away!! ❤️

So thankful to be building these beautiful homes for our amazing clients!

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A full wall means a NEW HOME!! 😍 So excited to get started on this clients interior selections!! ...

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CHARLESTON AREA - Here’s an opportunity for good for for a good cause! If you’re like me, you’re already hungry! 😂 I’d suggest an Italian or Tuna Salad (it’s stinking delicious).


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